Trash Removal, Pick Up and Hauling Dumpsters

Trash Removal, Pick Up and Hauling Dumpsters

What Are Trash Dumpsters? Trash dumpsters are steel waste receptacles used for collecting waste which is then unfilled into garbage trucks. They are common in commercial and residential purposes and provide a clear and convenient means of storing and transporting garbage to landfills, recycle centers and incinerators.


Various Types of Dumpsters There are various dumpster types to choose from where you make your choice based on the amount of trash you have to get rid of, the location for placing the trash bin rental and the type of waste you have. It is always better to know your trash bin rental options before you call the local dumpster rentals as it ensures you choose the right dumpster for your waste removal needs. Front Load Dumpsters They are waste receptacle containers with slots on both its sides for inserting the garbage truck’s front prongs. Once in place, these prongs can lift the receptacle into the rear storage. These trash dumpsters are popular in companies where local trash pickup services are not available like offices, card shops, beauty salons, small restaurants and retail stores. These front loader dumpsters are available in sizes ranging from 2-8 cubic-yard sizes.

Rear Load Dumpsters They are similar to the front load ones with the difference is that they work on a more complicated mechanism – a winch and hinge mechanical system. You find two poles extending cross ways out of the front edge of the trash bin rental which gets locked over the base of the opening at the back of the garbage truck. Then the hook-attached winch is fastened into the hole found at the rear of the dumpster and tugs the dumpster till everything in it falls into the garbage truck’s cavity. This type of dumpsters too is available in various sizes ranging from 2 – 8 cubic yards.

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