Rent a Dumpster: Is It Suitable for Your Needs?

Rent a Dumpster: Is It Suitable for Your Needs?

If you are spring cleaning, relocating, remodeling or re-roofing you will most likely need a dumpster to clean up for you. With so many rent a dumpster services around, you may require help looking for hiring the right dumpster rental. Useful Tips You Should Know and Follow Generally while renting dumpsters, you rent roll off dumpsters. These are dumpsters which are carried on a truck and then rolled off on your street, driveway or parking lot.

Use the internet to find a service for your dumping needs. It is better to choose a company that has a good reputation and positive customer reviews from old customers as it shows the customer was happy with their services and policies. When you rent one, you should be aware that commercial dumpsters come in various sizes ranging from twenty cubic yards to forty cubic yards. Always go with a size larger than the minimum size you think you require. This saves you lots of time and money as it prevents the need of the dumpster company emptying the dumpster ahead of schedule because the hired dumpster cannot carry all your waste. Consequently, the dumpsters for rent service have to provide you with a second dumpster to carry the remaining waste. You then end up paying for two dumpsters and thus have to pay two trips for hauling the trash away. The smaller dumpsters are best for removing waste after the remodeling of rooms or multiple rooms while the larger ones are better of removing waste of medium to large projects like building a home. While renting dumpsters, you can calculate the dumpster’s cubic volume by multiplying the dumpster’s width with its length and height. You have to determine the size of the dumpster you require based on the amount, type and size of trash you plan to remove. While calculating, remember that large chunks of debris can quickly fill up a small dumpster. So if the waste you have to remove consists more of large debris chunks, look for a bigger dumpster. Rental periods for dumpster rentals can be three, seven or seventeen days, depending on your needs. It is essential you know how long you need to rent as you have to pay extra if you need a dumpster for longer periods than the standard rental periods. The extra fees you have to pay are usually calculated on a daily basis like five or ten dollars a day. Dumpsters for rent cost more if your dumpster is heavier than the weight agreed in the rental contract. This is because the landfills and transfer stations always weigh dumpsters before dumping them and the rent dumpster company has to pay a fee based on the weight of the trash. You have to pay a per-ton fee for the extra trash in the dumpster which can range from thirty to ninety dollars per ton and is based on the landfill charges in your vicinity. Once again, the weight of your dumpsters largely depends on the type of refuse you have to dispose. Heavier objects like bricks, drywall and cement blocks quickly add to the dumpster’s weight while normal trash and yard leftovers are usually light. It is once you have gone through the company’s pricing and rental policies, and you have cleared all your doubts and apprehensions that you can place an order and fix a date for the delivery of the dumpster. It should be delivered the day before you start construction or renovations so that the dumpster is ready when you are. Book your dumpster 48 hours in advance as this is the time frame most dumpster’s rental companies quote for prompt delivery. Make sure you check with your local waste management authorities if you plan to place the dumpster on the street as some areas require permits and different areas follow different laws. Also find out what you can and cannot put in dumpsters and you can get fined for disposing unacceptable items like flammable and hazardous chemicals.


Make space in your yard for placing the dumpster so that it does not interfere with any overhead wires, driveways and septic tanks. On the delivery of the dumpster it is important that you follow safety rules to prevent any injuries while disposing trash to the dumpster rentals. To find out how much to rent a dumpster, you need to know the rental time span, the waste weight and if there are any additional fees. Make a list of questions you plan to ask the dumpsters for rent services which cover any doubts you need cleared. While price is important, you have to make sure you hire the best dumpsters for the best rate and which meets all your needs.

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