Types of Dumpsters

Types of Dumpsters

There are various dumpster types to choose from where you make your choice based on the amount of trash you have to get rid of, the location for placing the trash bin rental and the type of waste you have.

• Front Load Dumpsters • Rear Load Dumpster • Roll Off Dumpsters • Forklift Dumpsters • Baby Dumpsters

Construction Dumpster The rental of a dumpster is the perfect option for construction sites. You cannot simply dispose of construction waste in the traditional way. There are heavy construction materials and hazardous wastes like asbestos that have to be dealt with in a special manner. The dumpster will be delivered on the construction site, after the client specifies the size and the type of waste that will be disposed of. The rental company will also be responsible for picking the dumpster up at the end of the process. All items that can be recycled will be taken to the respective place and everything else will be dumped according to local regulations. Trash Removal Pickup and Hauling Services Whether you are trying to get rid of household or construction trash, choosing the right removal and hauling service is essential. The market has a lot to offer, which will empower you as a customer but it may also lead to some confusion. Some of the most common junk removal services that people ask for include large appliance pickup and recycling, old furniture removal, metal scrap removal, clean up garbage removal and old bathroom equipment removal. When it comes to general junk, the removal service can focus on yard waste disposal or construction clean-outs. Offices can also benefit from trash pickup and removal services. Very often, such companies deal with cubicle removal, recycling of electronics, metal recycling, storage unit clear out removal and office furniture removal. Junk removal services will help you get rid of anything that you cannot dispose of on your own, ranging from old mattresses to scrap metal pieces. After contacting the company, you will get more information about the types of garbage that it deals with, the legal requirements, the cost of the service and the scheduling procedure. Understand that there are major differences between yard waste and heavy construction debris. Make sure that you are looking for a company that deals with the specific kind of waste, that is licensed and that follows state procedures for the pickup and removal of garbage.


Dumpster rental is a great service that will often be more affordable and more convenient than trying to handle the situation on your own. For a start, acquaint yourself with the possibilities before choosing to rent a dumpster. Many companies offer junk pickup and removal but do they deal with the type of waste that you have to get rid of? Do your research and understand the specifics, the legal requirements that apply to your case and the amount of money that will be needed to dispose of waste in a legal manner. The sooner you get started with planning waste removal, the happier you will be with the outcome.

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